Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Progress Report

January 23rd

Progress Report

The progress report sent to parents this time is based mainly on tests. Home work included are those supervised by me . This is becuase it has come to my knowledge that many students either copy home work or have someone do it for them. So they get good grades but they can not answer the same questions when brought in tests. Please parents, help your child to understand the questions but let them do the work.
Home work is important. It will give the child the necessary practice to answer the question brought in tests. It will also give them the skills they need in certain topics.
The final grade at the end of the term will include 10% contribution from home work. Of this 60% will be effort points on home work and 40% achievement points. Achievement points inhome work are points that a student willget for the correctness of the work assigned and its quality.
More tests and quizzes will be continue to be done up to the end of the term . Your child's grade may improve depending on how hard they work.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Middle Grade Science

We have finished the scientific method. Your children should now be able to pick a problem for investigation and assess if the topic is testable or not. They should be able to do research on the topic, formulate hypotheses and design an experiment to collect data. They should also be able to analyse data using graphs and draw reasonable conclusions.
After Christmas vacation we will start on scientific knowledge. They will start with matter, go to forces and motion and then energy. They will learn purification/separation techniques and do one separation.